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Polyethylene (PE) is a well-known plastic which is found in many everyday applica-tions.Piping system manufactured from PE dis-play outstanding properties which make PE the choice for many of the most demand-ing piping applications.PE provides a long term secure piping sys-tem unmatched by most other plastic and or metallic piping systems and can be engi-neered for a 100 year design life.

PE has outstanding impact resistance, abrasion resistance and UV stability. While being strong & robust it is also flexible and forgiving when compared to other brittle materials.


EURA – ADVANTAGE, PE100+ resin for long term pressure applications

EURA – 10, 10% outer colour for security

EURA – ULTRA, a new advance high strength resin with superior performance

Size                 : 16mm – 1200mm OD

Pressure rating : PN4 – PN25

Pipe can be produced in solid colours, striped or with an outer coloured sheath. The colours can be used to identify the ser-vice of the pipeline e.g. Red (Fire Mining), Blue (Drinking Water), Yellow (Gas), etc.


  • Fabricated
  • Electrofusion
  • Moulded butt weld
  • echanical couplings and valve
  • Compression fittings